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DendroEcology laboratory

Laboratory of Dendrochronology is a part of the research station FERLD, constraction of which started at the end of the 1990s. At that time, an increasing number of students was presenting some work place and lodging challenges. With a significant financial help from Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade provincial department, Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) and Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI),

Phase I was completed in 2005. Another grant from CFI and from Research, Science and Technology provincial department allowed for the purchase of scientific equipment (for field and laboratory) and station’s furniture. Tembec, Norbord, Domtar, Matériaux Blanchet, Landrienne Sawmill, Honeywell, Abitibi-Consolidated, Trame and Selbaie Mines gave the bulk of construction material and research station equipment.

The first director of the laboratory was Bernhard Denneler (1963 - 2007). This obituary was originally published in Dendrochronologia, Volume 25, Issue 1, 16 May 2007, Page 71.

Bernhard Denneler

Igor DrobyshevThe laboratory was then directed by Dr. Igor Drobyshev until 2022. It is now under the direction of Fabio Gennaretti.

The Dendroecology laboratory includes state-of-the-art spaces and equipments necessary for the preparation and analysis of wood samples. It includes:

  • a complete sanding room;
  • a image analysis system, with a microscope, a digital camera, a high resolution scanner and many specialized softwares (WinCELL, WinDENDRO, WinFOLIA, WinRHIZO, WinSEEDLE, WinSTEM and FHX Fire History Analysis software);
  • 3 Velmex systems;
  • a rotary Microton, for automatic tissue sectioning;
salle sablage
salle sablage salle sablage entrepôt

Also, an air-conditioned storehouse allows for long term conservation of samples. Samples of most of the dendroecology studies conducted in the region since de 1980s are stored in that room. Finally, this pavilion incorporates work stations for students and trainees. For more information, please contact Igor Drobyshev (igor.drobyshev@uqat.ca) or visit the laboratory website at http://ekskog.org/dendro/.

PaleoEcology laboratory

In 2010, an extension of the laboratory of dendroecology allowed the addition of two rooms dedicated to paleoecology. Microscope, binocular loupes, sieve, refrigerator and freezer find their place. Many sediment collection probes are also available (kajak, Russian, Livingstone).

labo paleo labo paleo labo paleo

GDRIIn both cases, these laboratories contribute to the participation of UQAT and UQAM in the Cold Forest Research Group

For further details about the equipment:

To book the equipment, please use the online booking system at: https://dendro.uqat.ca/main.asp

For more information about the dendrochronology / paleoecology laboratory: https://dendro.uqat.ca/

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